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48. E-Kunstisalongi XLVIII oksjon
07.11.2021 Tartu galeriis kell 13
47. E-Kunstisalongi XLVII oksjon
17.04.2021 Tartu galeriis kell 13
46. E-Kunstisalongi XLVI oksjon
07.11.2020 Tartu galeriis kell 13
45. E-Kunstisalongi XLV oksjon
28.03.2020 Tartu galeriis kell 13
44. E-Kunstisalongi XLIV oksjon
26.10.2019 Tartu galeriis kell 13
43. E-Kunstisalongi XLIII oksjon
30.03.2019 Tartu galeriis kell 13
E-Kunstisalong's XLII auction
03.11.2018 03.11.2017 Tartu gallery 15 o'clock
E-Kunstisalong's XLI auction
07.04.2018 Tartu gallery 15 o'clock
E-Kunstisalong's XXXX auction
28.10.2017 Tartu gallery, 15 o'clock
Edgar Valter's paintings
03.06.2017 Tartu Vanemuise teatri väikeses majas kell 15
E-Kunstisalong's XXXVIII auction
25.03.2017 Tartu gallery, 15 o'clock
E-Kunstisalongs XXXVII auction
05.11.2016 Tartu gallery, 15 o'clock
E-Kunstisalong's XXXVI auction
02.04.2016 Tartu gallery, 15 o'clock
E-Kunstisalong's XXXV auction
07.11.2015 Tartu gallery, 15 o'clock
E-Kunstisalong's XXXIV auction
28.03.2015 Tartu gallery, 15 o'clock
E-Kunstisalong's XXXIII auction
09.11.2014 Tartu gallery
E-Kunstisalong's XXXII auction
05.04.2014 Tartu galeriis kell 15
E-Kunstisalong's XXXI auction
27.10.2013 15 o'clock in Tartu gallery
E-Kunstisalong's XXX auction
7th of April 2013, 15 o'clock in Tartu
E-Kunstisalong's XXIX auction
11.11.2012 at 15 o'clock, Raekoja plats 20, Tartu
E-Kunstisalong's XXVIII auction
22.04.2012 kell 15 Tartu galerii In Tartu
E-Kunstisalong's XXVII auction
27.11.2011 at 3 p.m. in Tartu gallery
E-Kunstisalong's XXVI auction
30.04.2011 Tartu gallery
E-Kunstisalong's XXV auction
04.12.2010 4 p.m. Tartu gallery
28.04.2010 Tallinn, hotell Olümpia
13.12.2009 kell 15 Tartu galerii
28.06.2009 kell 16 Pärnus, Sunsetis (Rannahoone), Kapteni salongis
21. E-Kunstisalongi XXI oksjon
01.12.2008 Tallinna galerii
Master Level
With Masters Hand
16.10.2007 Tallinn,Mustpeade Maja
The Work Acclaimes the Master
04.04.2007 Tallinn, Mustpeade Maja
For the Glory of the Master
11.10.2006 Tallinn
Parade of the Masters
29.03.2006 Tallinn
The Touch of a Master
09.11.2005 Tallinn, Mustpeade maja
The Work of the Master
03.06.2005 Pärnu, Ammende Villa
The Masterpieces
23.10.2004 Mustpeade Maja
Chosen Masters
25.03.2004 Mustpeade Maja, Tallinn, Pikk 26
Charity Auction
28.01.2004 Atlantise konverentsisaal
The Sign of a Master
23.10.2003 Mustpeade Maja
From Old Masters till Modern Artists
10.04.2003 Mustpeade Maja
From Master to People
06.10.2002 Tartu Linnamuuseum
Apprentice Becomes a Master
13.04.2002 Tartu linnamuuseum
Union of Masters
06.06.2001 Tallinna Raekoda
The Masters of Estonian Art from 20th Century
19.12.2000 Tallinnas, Mustpeade Maja
Nobility of Master
15.07.2000 Pärnu, Ammende villa
From Master To Master
15.03.2000 Mustpeade Maja
The Creation of Masters of Pallas
25.09.1999 teater "Vanemuine"
The First Auction
09.04.1999 Werneris

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Buying and Selling Art
E-Kunstisalong offers you a wide choice of modern and classical art. The majority of works from our gallery are also available on the internet.

Since January 1997.
“E-Kunstisalong” was opened on January 1997, in Tartu. Placing the gallery in the “E” shopping centre was carefully considered.

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